On 27-28 April 2023, the STRATEGY project held workshops in Berlin on Interoperability, and Crisis Management and Civil Protection. This combined event incorporated a workshop discussing the ethical and social implications of the pre-standards.

Keynotes were delivered by Professor Knut Blind (TU Berlin & Fraunhofer ISI), Christian Resch (DCNA, Austria), Carl Daniels (JESIP, UK), and Panagiotis Giannopoulos (Fire Brigade, Greece), covering topics on standardization as a means to bridge innovation and crisis management, interoperability challenges in civil protection operations, the UK interoperability framework, and enhancing coordination efficiency in multi-stakeholder operations.

The event welcomed international stakeholders and experts from various domains such as EMS, Police, Fire service, Military, Civil Protection, and Academia/Research. Discussions and presentations covered the interoperability aspects of all pre-standardization activities.

The second day of the event hosted panel sessions on themes including ethical/societal impact, applicability obstacles, operational data processing including protection, privacy, and health, stakeholder training, communication/alerting, and information exchange/situational awareness. These sessions also provided stakeholders an opportunity to share their views on the opportunities and challenges for crisis response standardization, particularly in relation to pre-standardization activities within the STRATEGY project.

Written by Christopher Nathan, Trilateral Research.

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