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STRATEGY Co-Chairs session on Standardisation at CERIS 2022

On March 23 – 25, 2022 STRATEGY participated in the Community of European Research and Innovation for Security (CERIS) – DISASTER RESILIENT SOCIETIES Cluster Conference.


In collaboration with the RESIST Project, STRATEGY co-chaired the session on standardisation on March the 24, 2022. The project coordinator Mr. Giannis Chasiotis (Satways Ltd) presented the project overview (“On-going Pre-Standardisation activity for Crisis Management Interoperability”) during its first part. Through this presentation, audience members were informed of the STRATEGY project goals, implementation methodology, the progress done so far and key expected results from its ongoing (pre) standardisation tasks.


During the second part of the session on standardisation, Dr. Aikaterini Poustourli (Satways Ltd), the  liaison of STRATEGY in the ISO-TC 391 moderated a panel discussion, covering pre-standardization activities of Horizon 2020 DRS projects (including CURSOR, INTREPID, INGENIOUS, FASTER, AQUA3S, ASSISTANCE) and sharing views on lessons learnt related to their pre-standardization activity.


In the conclusions it was highlighted that (a) standardisation in European R&D  projects can increase their impact and facilitate the exploitation of project results into the market  and  (b) the EU research projects can provide the standardisation industry with high quality fast-track deliverables such as CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA), Technical Specifications (TS) and Technical Reports (, based on pre-normative and co-normative research, all of which are part of the standardisation process.


As STRATEGY works to support authorities, first responders, and policymakers in their efforts to increase interoperability among stakeholders for maximising efficiency in crisis / disaster management, it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to participate at CERIS, recognising the critical role standardisation may play in societal resilience.


To learn more, please see the attached PowerPoints presentations given at CERIS for additional information on all of the above insights.


For further information about STRATEGY or to get involved in its pre-standardisation activities, please contact the project coordinator at



On-going Pre-Standardization activity for crisis management interoperability


For further information about STRATEGY or to get involved in its pre-standardisation activities, please contact the project coordinator at

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Duration: (09/2020-08/2023)
Grant Agreement Number: 883520
Funded Under: H2020-EU.3.7.5. – Increase Europe’s resilience to crises and disasters
Funding Scheme: IA – Innovation action
Topic: SU-DRS03-2018-2019-2020 – Pre-normative research and demonstration for disaster-resilient societies
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