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ICCS – “Specifications for Digital Scenarios for Search and Rescue Exercises”

Announcement for the CEN Workshop on “Specifications for Digital Scenarios for Search and Rescue Exercises”.


This CEN Workshop (CWA) aims to cover limitations in existing practices related with the design and planning of Search and Rescue exercises.

The CWA will specify a digital process for the planning of Search and Rescue exercises and provide recommendations on the type of digital information exchanged for Search and Rescue scenarios, the use of data models for exchanging scenario characteristics. It also aims to provide the interoperability characteristics that digital scenario specifications need to have in order to be able to be employed by the majority of scenario building tools.

The CWA is for use by organizations responsible for planning and implementation of exercises in Search and Rescue area, and particularly local, regional, national and international emergency management authorities, exercise planning teams, trainers and first responders. The CWA is also of interest to technology providers focusing on the development of scenario building tools for Search and Rescue activities.

Requests to participate in the Workshop and/or comments on the project plan are to be submitted by 31 January 2022.

The kick-off meeting will be held on Tuesday, 10 February 2022

Read the full CWA project plan here