Pre-standardisation activities for Stream 4: Command and Control (D5.4)

This deliverable aims to provide a thorough report of the activities undertaken in Task 5.4 which is led by the standardization stream leader of Command and Control (CC) in close collaboration with the technical partners that provide interoperability solutions, national standardization bodies of STRATEGY and end-users.

Project website and dissemination material (D7.2)

This deliverable describes the communication and dissemination materials and channels that have been developed for the STRATEGY project up to M6 and that have been used to promote the project to our stakeholders and the general public. These materials include online outputs (the project website and social media accounts) and printed materials. The visual brand […]

Baseline-workshop report with civil protection experts (D8.4)

This deliverable is a first output of the work that will be carried out in Task 8.3 (Advisory and End-Users Boards Activities), which aims at a constant “reality-check” of the outcomes of the project. Relevant experts from the crisis management and civil protection area and standardisation bodies experts will be invited to participate in the […]

Inauguration of advisory and end-user advisory board (D8.2)

STRATEGY aims to actively involve experts throughout all stages of standardisation process. The ultimate project goal is to strengthen the resilience of EU against all types of natural & manmade disasters (multi-hazard approach). To fulfil these objectives the STRATEGY project will set up an Advisory Board (AB) and an End User Advisory Board (EUAB) bringing […]

Research Ethics Handbook first version (D8.3)

This deliverable, entitled D8.3 Research Ethics Handbook, contains ethical principles and guidelines that STRATEGY partners will follow during the research activities of the project. The Handbook sets forth an approach to research in STRATEGY that treats research participants fairly, to protect their rights and interests and preserve their dignity. It provides standards and guidelines to […]

Dissemination and communication plan – final version (D7.5)

The main purpose of this document is to report how, when, to whom and through which channels the current project outputs have been disseminated so far, also reflecting on the impact achieved through the assessment of the conducted activities. To do so, the deliverable has been structured to report the main activities carried out so […]

List of stakeholders and EU projects and engagement activities report – first version (D7.4)

The main objective of WP7 “Impact creation, Communication & Dissemination”, under which this deliverable falls, is to ensure a high impact for STRATEGY as well as to pave the path for future exploitability of results. Stakeholder engagement and liaison activities with other projects will be the cornerstone for achieving this objective. In this context, identifying […]

Dissemination and communication plan – 1st version (D7.1)

This document outlines STRATEGY’s communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement strategy. It describes the key target groups, the key messages and the communication and dissemination tools that will be used throughout the course of the project. It presents a preliminary list of activities to be undertaken by the consortium towards the effective dissemination of the key […]

IPR, Innovation and Exploitation Strategy (D6.1)

The main purpose of this report is to present an Exploitation and Innovation Strategy to guide the STRATEGY consortium, individual partners and external stakeholders in innovation and exploitation of the project’s results, including an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection plan. The report also contains plans for monitoring the operational environment.