Project website and dissemination material (D7.2)



Friday, 4 August, 2023

This deliverable describes the communication and dissemination materials and channels that have been developed for the STRATEGY project up to M6 and that have been used to promote the project to our stakeholders and the general public. These materials include online outputs (the project website and social media accounts) and printed materials. The visual brand identity of the project is ensured by the project’s visual identity guidelines which instruct partners on how STRATEGY work must be presented to all audiences.

Disseminating the project’s results and raising awareness of the STRATEGY framework is an
instrumental part of maximising impact and the project’s success. As such, dissemination and
communication activities are key for engaging with relevant stakeholder communities and setting the basis for successful exploitation.


Nuala Polo (TRI), Melania Parzonka (TRI), Alexandra Medzibrodszky (TRI)