Paving the Way Towards the Building Renovation Wider Benefits: Energy Poverty Case



Tuesday, 14 March, 2023

A building renovation design is the first phase done before the actual building renovation execution. During such design phase, benefits like energy savings and operational cost savings, etc., have been traditionally considered to allow the building property taking a decision on the renovation execution. In the future, a list of Wider Benefits will be also considered in order to assess the impact of building renovation in our society and environment. Some examples of such Wider Benefits are the following ones: avoidance or mitigation of poverty situations, deaths and diseases reduction, jobs creation, CO2 avoided emissions, etc. In this paper we have chosen one concrete wider benefit, “avoidance or mitigation of poverty situations” and we have studied the limitations in legislation and recommendations related with Energy Efficiency (EE) in order to achieve it. Understanding the limitations of the current legislations and recommendations to achieve the Wider Benefits, the administrations will be able to fix such limitations, and therefore pave the way to achieve the Wider Benefits.


Abad Cano, R. – International Greencities Congress proceedings, 2021