Interoperability in crisis management: specifications for digital scenarios to enhance acquisition of triage information during search and rescue operations



Tuesday, 14 March, 2023

Within the content of STRATEGY EU project “Specifications for Digital Scenarios for Crisis Managements” and “Requirements for acquiring digital information from victims during Search and Rescue operations” pre-standardization items that are in progress to produce two CWA (Cen/Cenelec Workshop Agreement) under the European Committee for Standardization. In this paper we are presenting the results of the developments and the output of the table top exercises organised to validated them with the presence of various stakeholders such us first responders, academia and researchers, industry and public authorities.




Spyridon C. Athanasiadis , Panagiotis Michalis, Eleftherios Ouzounglou, Lazaros Karagiannidis, Angelos Amditis