Standardisation Landscape: Gaps and Opportunities (D1.1)



Friday, 14 July, 2023

STRATEGY aims to streamline and validate technical and organisational interoperability through selecting, testing and implementing existing, evolving and new standards within solutions, tools, procedural guidelines and recommendations of the Crisis Management domain.

In order to meet its objectives, STRATEGY is divided in eight different streams: Search and Rescue; Critical Infrastructure Protection; Response Planning; Command and Control; Early Warning and Rapid Damage Assessment; CBRN-E; Training; and Terminology.

This report identifies potential standardisation gaps and opportunities that could facilitate the whole pre-standardisation process for the eight streams. The overall goal for D1.1 is to be a generic guidance map for the next steps of the project in order to fulfil the project’s goal.


Georgios Sakkas (KEMEA), Ioannis Tsaloukidis (KEMEA), Danai Kazantzidou-Firtinidou (KEMEA), Vagia Pelekanou (KEMEA), Chrysoula Papathanasiou (KEMEA), Vassiliki Varela (KEMEA), Katerina Kadena (STWS), Pertti Woitsch (WCO), Knut Oien (SINTEF), Nikolaos Katsoulakos (ICCS), Annette Altenpohl (ASI), Lisa Katrin Filzmaier (ASI), Olga Radchuk (ASI), Janne Kalli (SFS), Ana Maria Mariblanca (UNE), Speranta Stomff (ASRO), Cristina Popa (ASRO), Fredrik Gothe (SIS), Wilson Antunes (CINAMIL/UMLDBQ), Elodie Reuge (EOS), James Philpot (EOS)