Emergency Management – Exchanging of Building and Infrastructure Damage Information



Monday, 14 August, 2023

Past natural disasters have pointed to the significance of a rapid and reliable damage assessment to face short-term emergency response. Therefore, disseminating building and infrastructure damage information is essential for public services and practitioners to make timely and informed decisions following a disaster. The envisaged CEN Workshop Agreement on “Exchanging of building and infrastructure damage information with Common Alerting Protocol” aims to specify a protocol that will cover the communication of the status of buildings and infrastructures, after a natural disaster, in the form of an alert. The related results/alerts will be communicated to the command-and-control centres of the agencies that manage the emergency. This activity aims to specification an existing communication standard for exchanging damage information, in the form of an alert, of buildings and infrastructures, based on the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). The proposed pre-standard will be tested and validated in the frame of a tabletop exercise and a full-scale exercise to demonstrate the standardization item in a natural environment and different scenarios.


Aikaterini Valouma, Leonidas Perlepes, Ioannis Chasiotis, Speranta Stomff, Janny Nijsingh, Coen Vaarkamp, Aikaterini Poustourli