Dissemination and communication plan – final version (D7.5)



Friday, 4 August, 2023

The main purpose of this document is to report how, when, to whom and through which channels the current project outputs have been disseminated so far, also reflecting on the impact achieved through the assessment of the conducted activities. To do so, the deliverable has been structured to report the main activities carried out so far to maximise the communication and dissemination of the project outcomes and main achievements. The final chapter includes a communication and dissemination plan for the second half of the project.


Alessia Golfetti (Deep Blue, DBL), Anna Hart (Trilateral Research, TRI), Corinna Pannofino (Trilateral Research, TRI), Pertti Woitsch (Woitsch Consulting, WCO), Francisco Gala (Atos), Maguelone Laval (European Organisation for Security, EOS), Elodie Rouge, (European Organisation for Security, EOS), Vagia Pelekanou, Georgios Sakkas, Danai Kazantzidou (KEMEA), Ginnis Chasiotis (Satways)