Dissemination and communication plan – 1st version (D7.1)



Friday, 4 August, 2023

This document outlines STRATEGY’s communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement strategy. It describes the key target groups, the key messages and the communication and dissemination tools that will be used throughout the course of the project. It presents a preliminary list of activities to be undertaken by the consortium towards the effective dissemination of the key results of the project and outlines how the communication and dissemination activities will be monitored and evaluated to ensure their effectiveness and efficacy.


Alessia Golfetti (DBL), Andrea Capaccioli (DBL), Nuala Polo (TRI), Alexandra Medzibrodszky (TRI), Katerina Kadena (STWS), Elodie Reuge (EOS), Vagia Pelekanou (KEMEA), Danai Kazantzidou-Firtinidou (KEMEA), Georgios Sakkas (KEMEA), Tiago Rocha da Silva (INOV), Martina Ragosta (SINTEF), Nantia Skepetari (ICCS)