Collaborative Emergency Response – The Pathway to Standardisation



Monday, 14 August, 2023

Command and control cover the decision-making and coordination activities that are implemented during an emergency by the commanders of the safety agencies. Usually, these activities are guided by various guidance, legislations and emergency response plans that are defined at local, national and/or EU level. A number of standards and directives are available worldwide, describing the structure of the procedures and the information that has to be used and shared by these agencies. However, several gaps exist in the information sharing and the collaboration among the agencies during an emergency. A survey on these gaps has been prepared, specifying and analysing these. This process provides useful information to the technology owners and the public safety agencies’ policymakers, highlighting the gaps in the procedures and technology that are required in emergency management situations.


Leonidas Perlepes, Ioannis Chasiotis, Aikaterini Valouma, Giorgios Eftychidis, Antonis Kostaridis, Dimitris Diagourtas, Cristina Popa, Aikaterini Poustourli