Baseline-workshop report with civil protection experts (D8.4)



Friday, 4 August, 2023

This deliverable is a first output of the work that will be carried out in Task 8.3 (Advisory and End-Users Boards Activities), which aims at a constant “reality-check” of the outcomes of the project. Relevant experts from the crisis management and civil protection area and standardisation bodies experts will be invited to participate in the STRATEGY advisory and end-user board that should meet annually and be consulted whenever the progress of the project requires. These experts will be drawn from the four stakeholder communities that STRATEGY has identified as crucial to the success of the project: Standardisation Organisations, End-users, Suppliers and Policy makers. Given the role foreseen for these stakeholder groups within the project, such as improving STRATEGY outputs and validation of results it is important to build engagement with them early in the project so that they can provide consistent input and evaluation throughout the project lifecycle.


Elodie Reuge, Filippo Giacinti, James Philpot