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Improving disaster risk management: the role of Information Communication Technology (ICTs)

The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) implementation workshop is an innovative international event, which brings together academic, governmental, civil defence, policy and other societal stakeholders with a significant interest in disaster preparedness and crisis response. The 2020 CAP Workshop was organised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and attracted approximately 800 participants from over 126 countries. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the event took place virtually on  September 28th, 2020.

This year’s Workshop focused on the critical role of emergency telecommunications in disaster risk reduction and management. Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) are key for efficient and effective disaster response, in that they can help practitioners monitor the environment, analyse information to deliver early warnings and alerts, and ensure the timely flow of vital information in the immediate aftermath of disasters.

In this context, the Italian National Fire Corps of the Ministero dell’Interno was invited to present “Updates on the CAP implementation status in Italy”, which included  the role of first responders, specifically, firefighters, and the importance of a coordinated response to crisis management. The presentation focused on the importance of interoperability between emergency stakeholders for effective disaster response.

The STRATEGY project was presented as a solution to build and implement a pre-standardisation framework to improve the interoperability of systems, tools and procedures in the crisis management domain. The STRATEGY project will test and validate crisis management standards using realistic disaster scenarios, in order to facilitate effective crisis management both within and across borders. You can access the presentation here.

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Author: Marcello Marzoli, Italian National Fire Corps


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 883520