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ICCS – Requirements for Acquiring Digital Information from Victims During Search and Rescue Operations

This planned CEN Workshop specifies the requirements for acquiring digital information from victims during a search and rescue SAR operations. Furthermore, it establishes requirements of digital triaging during a search and rescue mission regarding the categories of safety, usability, data protection, security and system compatibility.

The planned CWA is intended to be used by Search and Rescue equipment manufacturers and developers. It is not primarily intended to be used by first responders, although the user community is benefitted by the relevant guidelines to be put in place.


The kick-off meeting will be held on Monday, 14 March 2022, from 09.30-11.30 as a web meeting.

Requests to participate in the Workshop and/or comments on the project plan are to be submitted by 11 March 2022 to fredrik.gothe@sis.se1. You are kindly requested to use the commenting form below.

Download the documents:

1 Applications for participating in the Workshop and comments on the project plan that are not received by the deadline do not need to be taken into consideration. Once constituted, the Workshop will decide whether or not to consider the comments received in good time.