On 2 Dec 2020, the STRATEGY consortium hosted its first virtual workshop, welcoming the projects’ End-User Advisory Board and Advisory Board, comprised of first responders, domain experts and civil protection bodies.

The STRATEGY project focuses on improving the interoperability of crisis management solutions, to standardise disaster response efforts across the EU. As such, it seeks to understand key issues faced by first responders and civil protection bodies, and work with domain experts to identify gaps and areas for improvement in the current standardisation landscape.

By integrating stakeholder knowledge and expertise, STRATEGY will build a pan-European pre-standardisation framework to harmonise disaster response systems, tools and operations procedures across the EU.

The workshop has been an excellent opportunity to present the aims and methodology of the project and discuss best practices for assessing and improving the interoperability of crisis management solutions with participants providing different perspectives on the topic.

This was the first workshop hosted with the End-User Advisory Board and Advisory Board, designed with the objective to gather feedback and validate proposed actions for improving disaster recovery efforts across eight crisis management streams:



This workshop confirmed the crucial role of both the End-User Advisory Board Members and Advisory Board Members in the STRATEGY project. As highlighted in the closing remarks of the Coordinator, working alongside domain experts throughout the project lifecycle, will ensure development of sustainable research outputs that meet the needs of first responders and civil protection bodies in the crisis management domain.


For more information about STRATEGY visit the project website and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Author: Elodie Reuge, EOS


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 883520

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