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SATWAYS – Emergency Management – Rapid damage assessment of buildings and alerting protocol

The planned CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) specifies a framework that aims to cover the rapid assessment of damage in buildings and disseminate the related results/alerts to the command-and-control centres of the agencies that manage the emergency. The results of the Workshop will be used by:

  • the security officers of the critical infrastructures that will be monitored for damages,
  • the officers of the authorities that should be informed about a damaged building to coordinate the response activities, and
  • the Command & Control system manufacturers and developers.

The accurate and quick assessment of the damage caused to the buildings in an area hit by a disaster (earthquake, tsunami, fire, flood, etc.) is essential for prioritizing the recovery needs and actions. Therefore, we need a formalized way to describe the damages aiming to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the public safety agencies. This need is partially related to the operational requirement to share information on disaster damages among a significant number of public services involved in mitigation, response, and recovery activities.


The envisaged CWA will be based on methodologies to monitor accurately and quickly the status/damages of the buildings, which are used by the safety agencies and the security officers of infrastructures following a disaster. Guidelines and protocols will be developed, defining in detail the process of rapidly identifying and characterizing the structural damages following a disastrous event and formalizing how the information on the damage can be commonly shared.


The kick-off meeting will be held on Tuesday, 22 March 2022, from 09.30-11.30 as a web meeting.

Requests to participate in the Workshop and/or comments on the project plan are to be submitted by 20 March 2022 to Ms Speranta Stomff, speranta.stomff@asro.ro1. You are kindly requested to use the commenting form below.

Download the documents:

1 Applications for participating in the Workshop and comments on the project plan that are not received by the deadline do not need to be taken into consideration. Once constituted, the Workshop will decide whether or not to consider the comments received in good time.