CEN Workshops

The European H2020 project STRATEGY (Facilitating EU pre-standardization process through streamlining and validating interoperability in systems and procedures involved in the crisis management cycle) seeks to promote pre-standardization of systems and procedures related to Crisis Management by streamlining, testing, and validating standards, guidelines, and recommendations, focusing on interoperability aspects according to the operational needs of practitioners.

Participants of the CEN/CENELEC workshops contributed to the drafting of the CEN workshop Agreements (CWA) listed below.


This process offered a unique collaboration opportunity for interested parties to engage in a constructive dialogue with crisis management experts, standardization bodies, industry and research representatives, technology providers, first responders, and end-users.

For CWAs that are still in their consultation period, we kindly invite stakeholders to follow the associated link above to find out how to make your much-valued input. Detailed information on each CWA can be found at the links below.


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