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ATOS and KEMEA – Improvement of information processing in crisis management of critical infrastructures for computer assisted data gathering, display and reporting

The planned CEN Workshop is aimed to develop two CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs):

  • Draft title CWA 1- Semantic layer definition and suitability of EDXL-CAP+EDXL-SitRep standards for crisis management in Critical Infrastructures
  • Draft title CWA 2- Emergency management – Incident situational reporting for Critical Infrastructures


CWA 1 will provide a formal definition of the concepts to be reported during a crisis. These concepts will correspond to the meaning of the fields / parts that comprise the messages transmitted during a crisis. Those messages include data coming from sensors but also other intelligent software modules, which will act as virtual sensors. As the possible concepts are potentially unlimited, this list of concepts is initially foreseen to be based on the measure units already defined in ISO standards (ISO/IEC 80000 series) and on chemical compounds sensed defined accordingly to IUPAC nomenclature recommendations.

This definition is meant to be used by sensor and software providers and should be demanded by the crisis operators, but not necessarily used directly by them.

CWA 2 will define the information exchanged and a common template of reporting incidents of certain significance that affect Critical Infrastructures, as well as their impact to their service provision, health and society. The report with its standardised form may be used by Critical Infrastructure operators for incident notification of the command and control centre of competent authorities and control centres of interconnected infrastructures.

In addition, CWA 2 aims to be used by Critical Infrastructure and security liaison officers of infrastructures operators in the critical infrastructure authorities, by command and control centres, emergency response organizations and by software providers.

The kick-off meeting will be held on Wednesday, 6 April 2022, from 14.30-18.30 as a web meeting. Requests to participate in the Workshop and/or comments on the project plan are to be submitted by 26 March 2022 to sofernandez@une.org1.

You are kindly requested to use the commenting form below, in case you want to contribute with comments to the project plan and/or to complete the registration form for participation in the workshop. Confirmed participants will be sent a non-disclosure statement to be signed and submitted, before the kick-off meeting.

Download the documents:


1Applications for participating in the Workshop and comments on the project plan that are not received by the deadline do not need to be taken into consideration. Once constituted, the Workshop will decide whether or not to consider the comments received in good time.