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ATOS & KEMEA – Improvement of information processing in crisis management of critical infrastructures: Available for Public Review and Commenting

Two draft CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs) developed by CEN/WS IPCI ‘Improvement of information processing in crisis management of critical infrastructures for computer assisted data gathering, display and reporting’ are now open for public commenting.

CWA 1 of CEN/WS IPCI provides a formal definition of the concepts to be reported during a crisis.

CWA 2 of CEN/WS IPCI defines the information exchanged and a common template of reporting incidents of certain significance that affect Critical Infrastructures, as well as their impact to their service provision, health and society.

The CEN Workshop was kicked-off on 6 April 2022. Both CWAs are now ready for public consultation. The consultation period ends on 9 June 2023.

Comments on the CWA are to be submitted to Sonia Fernandez Gonzalez SOFERNANDEZ@une.org1 using the commenting form below.

Download the documents:

  1. CWA IPCI 1 ‘Semantic layer definition and suitability of EDXL-CAP+EDXL-SitRep standards for crisis management in Critical Infrastructures’ (pdf format)
  2. CWA IPCI 2 ‘Emergency management – Incident situational reporting for Critical Infrastructures’ (pdf format)
  3. Commenting form (word format)


1Comments received after the deadline might not be taken into consideration. The Workshop will decide whether or not to consider these comments.

 Consult the workshop announcement.