SATWAYS – Emergency Management – Rapid damage assessment of buildings and alerting protocol

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This CWA has now been published. The document provides requirements and recommendations for a common set of information, datatypes and terms to be reported and provided by affected critical infrastructures to national or local coordination centres or control rooms of emergency services or competent authorities. Then coordination centres can share this information with other emergency […]

SATWAYS – Collaborative emergency response – Common addressing format and emergency identification protocol: Available for Public Review and Commenting

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The CEN Workshop ‘Collaborative emergency response – Common addressing format and emergency identification protocol’ was kicked off on 18 February 2022. The Workshop’s registered participants have agreed on the final draft of the CWA. A public commenting is organised for a period of 30 days, closing on 11 June 2023. Comments can be submitted to the […]

Fraunhofer INT – International and interinstitutional crisis and disaster management: Available for Public Review and Commenting

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The objective of this CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) is enabling a respondent to a crisis to exchange information across jurisdictions, organisations and borders to other responders, while maintain full control of the information and while using their own terminology and symbology. Mapping icons and terminologies allows actors that use different icons and terminology to ‘translate’ […]

ICCS – Requirements for Acquiring Digital Information from Victims During Search and Rescue Operations: Available for Public Review and Commenting

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This CEN Workshop is under development and specifies the requirements for acquiring digital information from victims during search and rescue (SAR) operations. Furthermore, it establishes requirements of digital triaging during a search and rescue mission regarding the categories of safety, usability, data protection, security and system compatibility. The CWA is under development and intended to […]

STRATEGY Announces Additional CEN Workshops as Part of EU Pre-Standardisation Efforts

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STRATEGY H2020 Project invites the interested Stakeholders The European H2020 project STRATEGY (Facilitating EU pre-standardisation process through streamlining and validating interoperability in systems and procedures involved in the crisis management cycle) seeks to promote pre-standardisation of systems and procedures related to Crisis Management by streamlining, testing and validating standards, guidelines and recommendations; focusing on interoperability […]