Deep Blue – Guidelines for effective social media messages in crisis and disaster management

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This standardization initiative aims to develop a document that will provide a set of recommendations for the content, design and formulation of social media early warnings in crisis and disaster management towards the public. This document is applicable to all actors in crisis and disaster management that seek to disseminate warnings, call-to-actions or information to […]

ATOS and KEMEA – Improvement of information processing in crisis management of critical infrastructures for computer assisted data gathering, display and reporting

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The planned CEN Workshop is aimed to develop two CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs): Draft title CWA 1- Semantic layer definition and suitability of EDXL-CAP+EDXL-SitRep standards for crisis management in Critical Infrastructures Draft title CWA 2- Emergency management – Incident situational reporting for Critical Infrastructures   CWA 1 will provide a formal definition of the concepts to […]