STRATEGY Annouce Their CWA Kick-off Meetings

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STRATEGY H2020 Project invites the interested Stakeholders The European H2020 project STRATEGY (Facilitating EU pre-standardization process through streamlining and validating interoperability in systems and procedures involved in the crisis management cycle) seeks to promote pre-standardization of systems and procedures related to Crisis Management by streamlining, testing, and validating standards, guidelines, and recommendations, focusing on interoperability […]

SATWAYS – Collaborative Emergency Response – Communication and sharing of operational information among multiple public safety agencies

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This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) aims to define a cooperative framework and the required guidelines for stakeholders from multiple operational organizations to be able to exchange information on situational awareness and the status of the operations, as it is necessary in large-scale crises. More specifically, the CWA seeks to strengthen the structured and consistent flow […]

SATWAYS – Management of forest fire incidents – SITAC-based symbology

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This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) is intended to benefit the cooperation among the EU and global wildfire management community, comprising incident commanders, fire officers, forest managers, personnel of the civil protection agencies and Emergency services. This will be approached through a guide to be used by all the interested parties in the EU countries. It […]